Le Eccellenze P&V Orecchiette 500g

Because we believe in it
Sicilian product

Each region has its own typical and characterizing dish. When we talk about Puglia, the amazing orecchiette with turnip tops immediately comes to mind.

And think a little, the Orecchiette of Le Eccellenze di Prezzemolo & Vitale are made with the best durum wheat semolina coming from the Tavoliere delle Puglie and bronze drawn, using innovative machinery mixed with artisanal techniques, for a product packaged in a protected atmosphere.

Le Eccellenze di P&V

Le Eccellenze di Prezzemolo & Vitale contains a special selection of products exclusively Made in Italy and representing some of the best realities of the region.

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More Information
Brand Le Eccellenze di P&V
EAN 8032477300040
SKU 0030333
Values Because we believe in it, Sicilian product

semola di grano duro, acwua

Nutritional values

Valori medi per gr. 100 di prodotto:

Energia 281 kcal
Grassi gr. 2,66
di cui saturi gr. 0,83
Carboidrati gr. 51,95
di cui zuccheri gr. 0,81
Proteine gr. 12,25
Sale gr. 0,033