Le Eccellenze P&V Gnocchi 400g


In addition to an excellent raw material, the potato obviously, these gnocchi do not undergo pasteurization and are cold processed, which allows to maintain all the flavor and all the organoleptic properties of the ingredients: only potatoes, flour, eggs, oil, no powders, no added starches.

In short, you have to taste them, just a little butter and sage or oregano, a good tomato sauce or meat sauce and lunch is safe also because these gnocchi can be prepared directly in a pan. 

Le Eccellenze di P&V

Le Eccellenze di Prezzemolo & Vitale contains a special selection of products exclusively Made in Italy and representing some of the best realities of the region.

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More Information
Brand Le Eccellenze di P&V
EAN 8052530443378
SKU 0033290

Steamed potatoes 72%,  soft wheat flour type 0, egg, salt, sunflower oil

Nutritional values

Average values for gr. 100 of product:

Energy130 kcal
gr. 0,9
of which saturated
gr. 0,2
gr. 25
of which sugars
gr. 4,7
gr. 2,9
gr. 4
gr. 1