Le Eccellenze P&V Cappelletti thin dough 250g

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Cappelletti: a sartorial masterpiece! The secret - as well as in the ancient manual skills and in the selection of raw materials - is in the thickness of the pastry which must be soft as fine silk but strong enough to accommodate the filling.

Only in this way are the cappelletti perfect for the broth or for the ragù test. Because you know, the beauty of stuffed pasta lies in the surprise that they conceal and reveal at the first taste, under the egg-yellow rind and in the wheat-colored embrace.

Beautiful and elegant to look at, healthy and full of taste to eat: a precious bite of Romagna!

Le Eccellenze di P&V

Le Eccellenze di Prezzemolo & Vitale contains a special selection of products exclusively Made in Italy and representing some of the best realities of the region.

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Brand Le Eccellenze di P&V
EAN 88888316
SKU 0025007
Values Because we believe in it, Fresh product

paste 65%: wheat semolina hard, eggs pasteurized 24%, filling 35% : MORTADELLA 25.3%, 18.5% seasoned raw ham, Parmigiano-Reggiano 24 months 15.1%, beef 14.2%, Grated bread, Pork 7.1%, salt , Carrots, onions, butter , lardo pig, yeast extract, nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, rosemary, laurel, juniper berries.

Nutritional values

Averse values ​​for 100g: 

Energy 398 KCal
gr. 12.4
gr. 54.4
gr. 15.5