Le Eccellenze P&V Short Busiate 500

Because we believe in it

The busiate were born in Trapani and are so called because they were made by hand, using the "busi" as a shape, the knitting needles, the rather large ones.

Around a table the pasta - a thick ribbon made only with water and flour - was cut into regular strips and rolled up on the iron with a flat hand passed safely over the pastry board, one chatter after another. The busiate have the taste of tales and stories, of hearth and wood. The spiral seems to be made on purpose to collect the sauce and keep it warm.

They are drawn with cutting-edge materials, to keep them smooth inside. Packaging in a protective modified atmosphere and sterilization allow us not to use preservatives while maintaining an above-average amount of protein and long shelf life. Recipe? Trapani pesto, of course! With chopped almonds on top and two basil leaves. A goodness!

Le Eccellenze di P&V

Le Eccellenze di Prezzemolo & Vitale contains a special selection of products exclusively Made in Italy and representing some of the best realities of the region.

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Brand Le Eccellenze di P&V
EAN 8032477300026
SKU 0030332
Values Because we believe in it

semola di grano duro, acqua

contiene cereali e glutine

Nutritional values

Valori medi per gr. 100 di prodotto:

Energia 281 kcal
Grassi gr. 2,66
di cui saturi gr. 0,83
Carboidrati gr. 51,95
di cui zuccheri gr. 0,81
Proteine gr. 12,25
Sale gr. 0,033