Giù Giù Roasted peeled and salty almonds 100g

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Because we believe in it
Sicilian product

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier make up this Champagne Brut, a mosaic of grape varieties, aromas and flavors, an emblematic cuvée of the Jacquart maison that enchants from the first sip. The grape varieties, just like the precious tiles of a mosaic, each make their own contribution, starting with structure and ending with softness; what one sees at the end is a precise, clean and well-delineated design of one of the best expressions of this enchanting territory.

Varietal:Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir
Aromas:aromas of fresh fruit (almond, fig, pear) and orange blossom. Aeration reveals more mature notes of bread and honey
Food pairings: appetizers, aperitifs, shellfish, fresh cheeses, medium-aged cheeses, shellfish, fish, cured meats
Alcohol content: 12% vol.

Giù Giù

Giù Giù is the brand of Prezzemolo e Vitale that captures the scents and flavors of Sicily, bringing them all over the world. Giù Giù selects the best artisans of the island, those who every day transform food into art: condiments, preserves, sauces, jams, honey, cookies, wine and craft beers. Products that prove their passion, their skill and the quality of the ingredients grown in the embrace of the Sicilian sun.

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Brand Giù Giù
EAN 77777782
SKU 0028138
Values Because we believe in it, Sicilian product
Nutritional values

Average values for 100g  

Energy: 2428 kJ/580 kcal Fats gr. 52,28
of which satures: gr. 4,91
Di cui monosaturi: gr. 39,53
di cui monoinsaturi: gr. 7,83
Carbohydrate: gr. 22,91
of which sugars: gr. 1,91 Proteins gr. 16,33
Fibre: gr. 21
Salt: gr. 0,09