Giù Giù Prickly pears jam 250g

Because we believe in it
Sicilian product

The prickly pear, together with its shovels, is one of the most used symbols when it comes to representing Sicily in the world.

It is a very sweet and pleasant fruit, and with the Giù Giù jam you can enjoy it at its best and as often as you like. It is made without using pectin, flavourings, preservatives and colourings, plus it is gluten-free.

Of course, in sweet preparations it is fantastic, but have you ever tried it to accompany a good mature cheese?

Giù Giù

Giù Giù is the brand of Prezzemolo e Vitale that captures the scents and flavors of Sicily, bringing them all over the world. Giù Giù selects the best artisans of the island, those who every day transform food into art: condiments, preserves, sauces, jams, honey, cookies, wine and craft beers. Products that prove their passion, their skill and the quality of the ingredients grown in the embrace of the Sicilian sun.

More Information
Brand Giù Giù
EAN 8021164004125
SKU 0020379
Values Organic, Because we believe in it, Sicilian product
Without Gluten, Preservatives, Dyes

figs of India, cane sugar.
Fruit used gr. 110 per gr. 100.
without preservatives, dyes, artificial aromas and pectin added.
Product in a factory that uses dried fruit.

Nutritional values

Average values for gr. 100

Energy kj 269/ 1126 Kcal

Fats gr. 0,4
of which saturated fat g 0

Carbohydrates gr. 67,8
of which sugars gr. 67,8

Fibre g 1.4

Protein g 1,3

Salt gr. 0,5