Giù Giù Lemonade and ginger 275ml

Because we believe in it
Sicilian product

Imagine one of those sultry summer days, when the only desire is to quench your thirst with something fresh and invigorating. Lemonade & Ginger Giù Giù is the perfect ally to satisfy this sense of thirst, but also to accompany your children's snack with a light and tasty non-alcoholic drink, with all the panache of bubbles!

Giù Giù

Giù Giù is the brand of Prezzemolo e Vitale that captures the scents and flavors of Sicily, bringing them all over the world. Giù Giù selects the best artisans of the island, those who every day transform food into art: condiments, preserves, sauces, jams, honey, cookies, wine and craft beers. Products that prove their passion, their skill and the quality of the ingredients grown in the embrace of the Sicilian sun.

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Brand Giù Giù
EAN 88888125
SKU 0024917
Values Because we believe in it, Sicilian product
Ingredients water, lemon juice 7%, sugar, carbon dioxide, acidifying: citric acid; natural aromas, ginger extract, natural lemon infusion, dye E129; Preservatives: Potassium sorbato, sodium benzoate.