Le Eccellenze P&V Berries jam 240g


Blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, rare fruits because they often grow and ripen among the brambles, from May to October and are mostly small berries but real reserves of taste, vitamins, and much more: vitamin C, potassium, flavonoids, tannins, in short, healthy and good fruits. The berry jam, made only with fruit and fructose, has no added sugars and is so creamy that you can use it like this, without adding anything, spread a veil on the cheesecake, or just use a teaspoon of it in yogurt to make the tastiest breakfast and nutrient that there is.

Le Eccellenze di P&V

Le Eccellenze di Prezzemolo & Vitale contains a special selection of products exclusively Made in Italy and representing some of the best realities of the region.

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Brand Le Eccellenze di P&V
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more, fragole, lamponi, mirtilli, mele, fruttosio