Giù Giù Penne rigate 500g

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Because we believe in it
Sicilian product

Bronze-drawn and dried slowly at low temperatures, Giù Giù pasta is made from Sicilian durum wheat semolina.

For al dente cooking, it should be cooked in abundant salted water for 10 minutes.

It is a very versatile pasta thanks to its shape, because the empty centre allows the sauce to be kept inside.

The most famous recipe is undoubtedly 'penne all'arrabbiata', a very famous dish of poor Italian cuisine, with peeled tomatoes, chilli peppers, garlic and grated pecorino romano cheese.

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Cooked 10 minutes al dente.

Giù Giù

Giù Giù is the brand of Prezzemolo e Vitale that captures the scents and flavors of Sicily, bringing them all over the world. Giù Giù selects the best artisans of the island, those who every day transform food into art: condiments, preserves, sauces, jams, honey, cookies, wine and craft beers. Products that prove their passion, their skill and the quality of the ingredients grown in the embrace of the Sicilian sun.

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Brand Giù Giù
EAN 8052530444702
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Values Because we believe in it, Sicilian product

Semolina pasta from several varieties of whole Sicilian durum wheat

Contains GLUTEN.

Nutritional values

 Nutrition values for 100g:

Energy: 283 kJ/ 67 kcal
Fat: 1,1g
Of which saturated: 0,30g
Carbohydrate: 10,1g
Of which sugars: 1,4g §
Fibre: 6,4 g
Protein: 6,8g
Salt: 0,79g