Giù Giù Nucatoli biscuits filled with almond and honey 350g

Because we believe in it
Sicilian product

Nucàtuli are typical Sicilian biscuits made up of a shortcrust pastry shell and a rich and soft filling, purely made up of dried fruit.

In this version, the Nucàtuli Giù Giù are filled with crunchy chopped almonds and honey, for a truly enveloping flavor.

You can eat them for breakfast, to recharge your batteries, or enjoy them as a snack or dessert.

Try them also in these variations: with orange filling or figs and dried fruit!

Giù Giù

Giù Giù is the brand of Prezzemolo e Vitale that captures the scents and flavors of Sicily, bringing them all over the world. Giù Giù selects the best artisans of the island, those who every day transform food into art: condiments, preserves, sauces, jams, honey, cookies, wine and craft beers. Products that prove their passion, their skill and the quality of the ingredients grown in the embrace of the Sicilian sun.

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Brand Giù Giù
EAN 0645760433264
SKU 0028876
Values Because we believe in it, Sicilian product
Without Dyes

farina di frumento 00, zucchero, strutto, grassi vegetali

ripieno: mandorle, miele, semolino di grano duro, albume d'uovo, aromi naturali, E500, E220, E330, E127

Nutritional values

Valori medi per gr. 100 di prodotto:

Energia 250 kcal
Grassi gr. 10,25
di cui saturi gr. 2,4
Carboidrati gr. 30,5
di cui zuccheri gr. 12,21
Fibre gr. 0,08
Proteine gr. 2,4
Sale mg. 140